Content Types

Great content is the primary force behind inbound marketing.

If you want to generate sales online, succeed in SEO, and ultimately see your profits soar, you need to publish unique content online. And you can easily do that using one or more of my content services listed below.

Blog Posts

Did you know that over 80% of blogging marketers report a positive ROI? Research shows that `blog marketers are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI. Moreover, frequent bloggers see faster rankings from search engines.

If you are not blogging already, you are losing business leads. Imagine seeing your revenue skyrocket after publishing a few blogs each month.

I can help you make it happen. My posts will engage your audience, endear you to them, and generate a positive ROI for your business.

Landing Page Content

Not every piece of content will work as landing page content. A landing page should make sales leads take the action you want them to take. Unfortunately, few people can create such content.

The good news is that I will help you create engaging content that will persuade people to act. I will also go the extra mile to optimize your content so that it can rank well and bring you valuable organic traffic.

Guest Posts

Guest blogging on authoritative blogs is the best way to build your brand recognition, boost your reach, and generate more sales leads online.

Most innovative companies also guest post actively, and their efforts pay off well and faster. When you get featured in a blog with 150,000 readers, you get massive exposure overnight.

Can you imagine the impact that will have on your brand? What about when you say you were featured on one of the biggest blogs in your industry?I can ghostwrite premium-level guest posts for you, which will get published on the most authoritative blogs in your niche.

Ebooks | Ecourses | Whitepapers

One of the best ways to position yourself as an industry thought leader is by publishing whitepapers, eBooks, and e-courses. I can help you create professional reports and guides to show your credibility as an Industry Thought Leader.