Best 5 Underrated Places to Visit in Australia in 2021

Why are we discussing the Underrated Places to Visit in Australia? Well, the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” has been with us for a long time, for good practical reasons.

Everybody needs to take a break and have some fun. According to a study on 500 people done by Chen, assistant professor at Washington State University, regular travellers tend to happier than average.

Going out to the club or pub may give you a good break each weekend. But, are there other fun things that you can do for fun, without getting intoxicated?

Well, you could for example take a road trip and visit national landmarks, if there are some you are yet to visit. You could also visit our Australian national parks. Of course, you need to budget for that.

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Well, if you are ready to take that trip, then read on to discover some of the best underrated places to visit in Australia.

5 Underrated Places to Visit in Australia

Sydney Opera House – Places to Explore In Sydney

You may not know the history behind Sydney Opera House. But you will recognise it instantly as one of Australia’s best-known landmarks.

Jom Utzon presented the design in a 1956 international competition to design Sydney’s opera house. There is a lot more you will learn about this iconic building once you visit it.

Uluru – Underrated Things to Do In Australia

Uluru is the world’s largest monolith and formerly known as Ayers Rock. You will not miss when approaching it from a far because of its colour and form. It has both cultural and natural value, which makes it the greatest of all Australian landmarks.

Heart Reef – Most Beautiful Natural Places in Australia

If you love scuba diving and snorkelling, Heart Reef, which is a part of the Great Barrier Reef, should be fun for you. It is famous for its heart-shaped form when viewed from the sky, and the wonderful underwater views.

It is the most famous section of Hardy Reef, which makes it Queensland’s famous most famous landmark, and a great Australian icon. It definitely qualifies as being among the most beautiful natural places in Australia

Port Arthur – One of the Secret Places in Australia

Port Arthur historic site has a special place in Australia’s history, thanks to the convict settlement it houses. Inside you will find restored homes and buildings, a coalmine, harbour, factory, and interestingly, an isle of the dead.

It also has a museum and bistro that serves visitors fresh Tasmanian produce.  You will definitely remember your trip to Port Arthur.

Kangaroo Island

A third of this island is a national conservation area. And the rest is a unique artistic scene, and thriving culture steeped in rich history. This island helps you understand what Australia was truly like in the past. That makes it one of the underrated places to visit in Australia.

You will not just have fun at Kangaroo Island, but you will learn a lot. If you love gourmet cuisine, then get ready to enjoy the best gourmet in Australia. The local residents make some of the best gourmet residents.

Safely Explore Underrated Things to Do in Australia

While travelling around to see the above awesome landmarks, you may be tempted to do something adventurous such as climbing the Ayers Rock. While that sounds like something that will crown your visit, please do not do it.

It is against conservancy laws, and against the spirit of preserving natural landmarks for future generations. Overall, there is a lot to see and learn by visiting Australia’s natural and historical landmarks.

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